Rising out of the coal dust of Carbon County is a wonderful diamond-in-the-rough known as the Heritage Intermountain Theatre, one of a handful of professional theaters in the State.

Heritage is currently producing "I Do! I Do!," a musical comedy about the ups and downs of marriage."I Do! I Do!" features Marsha Waterbury as Agnes, the dutiful wife who helps her husband through a writing career, raising children and the agonizing process of aging. Waterbury's voice is delightful as is her interpretation of the character. She ages with grace and adds a good bit of spitfire to the role. She grows the character well and at times evokes a flurry of emotions from her female audience as she sings, "What Is a Woman?" and "Flaming Agnes." While both of the actors have goodsinging voices, it is Waterbury's that is the stronger and more lyrical of the two.

Matthew Laurance plays Michael, the hardworking husband who from time to time must remind himself he really said, "I do." Laurance's rendition of the play's signature song, "My Cup Runneth Over With Love," is poignant. And while his voice is not overly spectacular, Laurance puts in a great performance with his crisp timing and vivid facial expressions. Often it is Laurance's one-liners that keep more than just the men in the audience laughing.

In the end, perhaps the greatest star of the show was "mother's pillow," whose cross-stitched saying was an intrusive guide and thorn in Agnes' and Michael's marriage.

Special kudos to musical director Tom Kenaston, who did a terrific job on the piano and interpreting the peaks and valleys of the musical presentations. The feeling he put into his accompaniment enhanced the production.

The staging for this play is simple and lovely. The lighting through the windows adds a special touch as does the changing light moods on the backdrop and the wardrobe.

- TEAMING UP - Heritage Intermountain Theatre has teamed with the Castle Country Travel Region, local hotels, motels and restaurants to make the theater experience for out-of-towners a pleasant one.

Those looking for a great getaway can see the show and get special theater rates at the hotels. Restaurants that typically close at 10 a.m. are taking turns staying open later on show nights. (Those participating restaurants are announced at the end of the show.) Just two hours from Salt Lake City, this production is worth the trip. When many locals spend hundreds of dollars flying back and forth to New York or San Francisco, for mere dollars they can come to one of best kept secrets in eastern Utah.