Fairway woods

1. Orlimar Trimetal

2. Adams Tight Lies

3. Callaway Big Bertha

4. Taylor Made Burner

5. Pinseeker TPW

The buzzword in golf today is "low profile." While many manufacturers were using titanium and other materials to build drivers that were lightweight and forgiving, new manufacturers such as Adams gained popularity by designing fairway woods with compact heads and low centers of gravity.

The low-profile head of a fairway wood allows golfers to hit the woods from all types of lies - from the fairway to the rough. In addition, the more compact head puts more mass behind the ball at impact, creating better feel and longer shots.

Finally, the low-profile woods provide a low center of gravity, making it easier to get shots in the air higher and faster.


1. Callaway Big Bertha

2. Taylor Made Burner

3. Cobra Ti Offset

4. Titleist 975D

5. Tour Edge Bazooka

The most popular drivers today have one thing in common - titanium. Titanium is lighter and stronger than stainless steel. Using titanium, companies can make lightweight drivers with very large heads.

Because the driver is lightweight, the golfer can generate more clubhead speed when he or she swings. This results in more distance. The large titanium head also provides a larger sweet spot.

Therefore, titanium drivers are more forgiving and result in shots that find the fairway more often.