ANKARA - A U.S. official accused the Iraqi government of supporting Kurdish separatist rebels fighting for self-rule in southeast Turkey.


MOSCOW - Russia's Defense Ministry on Wednesday accused leading Communist Viktor Ilyukin of trying to destabilize the country by urging the military to disobey orders.


AMSTERDAM - Dutch investigators probing an international pedophile ring said on Wednesday they were powerless to shut down foreign-based Internet sites that are still displaying pornographic images of children.


Cases of dengue fever and malaria, the two most common tropical mosquito-borne diseases, were on the rise in Singapore during the first half of the year, the country's Environment Ministry said.


TORONTO - A former Honduran police officer who admitted to helping an army death squad has been deported from Canada. The deportation of Fausto Ramon Reyes-Caballero ended his 10-year fight to stay in Canada with his wife and children.

El Salvador

SAN VICENTE - Two former national guardsmen convicted in the rapes and murders of three American nuns have been paroled from prison, complicating efforts to investigate allegations that the murders were ordered by high-ranking officers.


JAKARTA - The Indonesian military has detained four more soldiers of its Special Forces in connection with kidnappings of political activists, military police chief Major-General Syamsu Djalal said.