Former Norwegian premier Gro Harlem Brundtland on Tuesday pledged a new "unity of purpose" as she took over the much-criticized U.N. health agency.

She named a new top management team to carry out her pledge to revamp the World Health Organization, including senior managers from outside the agency with experience in industry and public health.Brundtland announced her new team to WHO staff packed into a hall at the agency's headquarters. Hundreds more watched on screens set up outside as Brundt-land promised a fresh impetus in fighting malaria, smoking and the AIDS virus, and renewed efforts to secure funding by providing "health value for money."

"Contributing to a unity of purpose . . . is your main criteria of success," Brundtland told the new directors.

In New York, meanwhile, the Rockefeller Foundation announced a $2.5 million grant for recruiting outside health experts into the U.N. agency. A statement said the grant was an "endorsement" of Brundtland's leadership.

Brundtland urged her nine new senior managers - the same number as under her predecessor, Hiroshi Nakajima of Japan - to cut out duplication and increase cooperation within the agency.