Mosquitoes are plentiful this year, but if you are bitten, did you know there is a way to take that bothersome itch away?

An elderly friend of mine was ravaged by mosquitoes last evening. Being hard of hearing and nearly blind, he was mosquito bitten in 30 places or more before he knew he had a problem. As I helped him relieve the itching, I wondered how many others in Salt Lake might benefit from the simple procedure that I gleaned from the Reader's Digest many years ago. It is a simple process and costs nothing. It works like this:Simply put the mosquito bite under hot (as hot as you can stand it without burning you) running water for two or three seconds. Remove it from the water. If it continues to bother you at all, repeat the treatment immediately. For fleshy areas this usually ends any discomfort from the bite. If it is near bone, however, it will probably begin to itch a few hours later and you will want to repeat the treatment. For hard-to-reach places, use a damp, hot cloth.

The theory behind this treatment seems to be that the heat spreads the toxin to a much broader area where the increased flow of blood can cleanse it from your system, but whatever the reason, it works!

Robert Fitt

Salt Lake City