Eight young men were charged with murder and assault for a gang-style shooting at a Vietnamese restaurant and karaoke bar that left five people dead.

Prosecutors said the barrage of gunfire early on July 5 was retaliation against one of five who were wounded. Police continued looking for three of the young men, while the other five remain behind bars Tuesday.The oldest charged, Ri Ngoc Le, 22, is a leader in a mostly Cambodian gang called the Loc'd Up Crips, deputy prosecutor Gerald A. Horne said in charging doc-u-ments.

Targeted was Son Hoang Kim, who was in the Vietnamese Ghetto Boys, a "gang wannabe-type group," Pierce County Prosecutor John Ladenburg said.

In March, Kim had confronted Le about a series of home robberies and burglaries, provoking a fight between members of the two groups, according to police documents. Le vowed retaliation on July 4, sources told police.