Before "Good Will," there was ill will.

Matt Damon, the Hollywood writer and star of "Good Will Hunting," blasted young actors as "morons" in a newly unearthed 4-year-old in-ter-view that was never published."For the most part, young actors in Hollywood are actors by default," said the Oscar-winning writer, who was then 23. "They were a model last week, and they're an actor this week. They're morons."

The interview is to be published in the Aug. 4 first issue of Gear magazine. It took place when Damon was search-ing for movie work.

"Those guys were out getting bombed every night," he said of the stars of "The Three Musketeers," including Chris O'Donnell. "That's not gonna help me as an actor, seeing how drunk I can get with (expletive) Charlie Sheen."

Interviewer Jeff Gremillion, also then 23, was a Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism student working on a class assignment. Seeking a follow-up interview recently, Gremillion's letter and phone calls went unanswered. The magazine hits newsstands Friday.


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