Offering America's teachers relief from troubled students, President Clinton Monday promoted wider use of school uniforms, tough curfews and anti-gun policies designed to restore "discipline in our schools and order in our children's lives."

Clinton also announced Monday he would lead a White House conference on school safety Oct. 15, which he said he will proclaim "national school safety day." The conference will include educators, law enforcement officials and families touched by school violence - including those from communities hit by recent fatal shootings by students.Presidential aides disclosed the plan for a school safety conference before Clinton delivered a speech today at the national convention of the American Federation of Teachers in which he was highlighting local programs that work across the country.

"Anti-truancy efforts, student uniforms, character education, curfews - these are not isolated initiatives," he said in prepared remarks. "Instead, they add up to a new approach to restore discipline in our schools and order in our children's lives."

After his address to the teachers' union, Clinton was attending a fund-raising lunch for Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., expected to raise $250,000. Before returning to Washington the president was to headline a Democratic National Committee fund-raising dinner which, at $10,000 per person, was expected to collect about $200,000, DNC officials said.