I wholeheartedly support and will vote for Proposition 5 on Nov. 3. Why? It's simple. I love wildlife. Whether it is bird watching or fishing, viewing game or hunting it, photographing or hiking, I'm glad it is there for all of us to enjoy.

Voting for Proposition 5 is saying I support our Division of Wildlife Resource Department (DWR). I believe in management of all Utah's wildlife by trained professionals and biologists. I don't want any of the management tools they use to manage wildlife taken away. They have done a fine job for decades. I say management by professionals, not by ballot initiative.Protection of endangered species, habitat rehabilitation, big game transplants, cougar management, nongame programs, hunter education, fisheries management, game bird transplants, stream bank restoration, wildlife law enforcement, waterfowl management, wildlife heritage certificate and wildlife habitat authorization are just a few of the things Utah's DWR is doing for all wildlife for all Utahns.

Utahns know managing our wildlife is a delicate balancing act and requires science and biology, not emotion. Please vote for Proposition 5 Nov. 3.

Jeff Eastman

West Valley City