Last night, my wife and I went to Lagoon, planning on a pleasant evening eating at the various concession stands and strolling through the park. After paying $5 to park the car, I was told the cost just to enter the park, no rides, no shows, was $17 each. I told the young attendant I felt that was ridiculous just to walk around the park, and we would go elsewhere. She replied that she was "sorry and embarrassed" to tell me the price, obviously having been through this scenario before.

I have been going to Lagoon for 50 years. As a child I stepped off the Bamburger train at the back gate and walked into the park free of charge. In the '50s, my grandmother, Jenny Sorensen, was an employee and collected tickets for the roller coaster. In the '60s, Lagoon was the place to take your date, where we saw groups like the Everly Brothers and the Beach Boys at the open air terrace. A couple of years ago, my uncle, Jack Springer, was honored by Lagoon for being the oldest season pass holder. He is in his 80s and has had a season pass for over 25 years.Had we been able to enter the park at a reasonable cost, we still would have spent another $20 or $30 for food and games. I'm sure my personal boycott will not impact Lagoon Corp. whatsoever, but I will not be back. I'll add $3 to their $17 and go see Garth Brooks.

Greg Sorensen