A Kearns man will spend at least eight years in prison for taking part in a home-invasion robbery that resulted in the death of another man last year.

Clint R. Hartley, 22, pleaded guilty in April to manslaughter and burglary, second-degree felonies, for his part in the the Jan. 27, 1997, robbery and shooting of Donald Dobson, 21, at the victim's West Valley home.For the manslaughter count, 3rd District Judge Sandra Peuler gave Hartley a prison term of six to 15 years, which includes a one-year gang enhancement because the crime was performed in partnership with three other people. Peuler added a consecutive one-to-five-year firearm enhancement to that charge.

The judge also gave Hartley a consecutive one-to-15-year term for the burglary but stopped short of adding the gang and firearm enhancements to that charge.

"There is nothing anyone can do to repay for what Mr. Hartley has done," Peuler told a court audience that included members of Hartley's and Dobson's families. However, she accepted his plea to reduced charges because he cooperated with investigators and will testify against the other individuals charged with the crime.

Hartley wept through part of the hearing and when Peuler asked him if he wanted to say something, he stated, "I don't know what to say . . . I'm sorry."

Hartley, along with Jeffery Ray Burgener, 20, Melisa Parker, 17, and Michael Paul Pierson, 21, was charged with murder and aggravated burglary, first-degree felonies, after they forced their way into Dobson's home. During the raid, Pierson and Hartley fired handguns at Dobson. Shot in the head, Dobson died two hours later.

Pierson and Burgener are scheduled for trial in August. Parker, who is expected to testify at the trial, will likely plead guilty to reduced charges also.