High school students caught speeding on city streets could get more than a simple ticket under a new enforcement proposal: a visit to the police station with their parents and a city-enforced grounding.

But if they go along, they'd end up with a clean record.The City Council has agreed to study a concept by police officer Richard Williams under which any local student 16 to 18 years old who is stopped for speeding would be taken to the police station.

The speeder's parents or guardian would be called to the station and asked to ground the young driver for a certain period of time.

If they agree, and the youth is caught driving again too soon, the speeding citation would be referred to court.

Otherwise, the ticket would be wiped from the student's record, which would keep his or her car insurance rate from increasing.

Williams said the goal of his proposal is to teach young people a lesson about speeding while lessening the burden on the court system.

"This would be unique to Olive Hill and something really different," Williams said.