You know autumn will soon be in the air. The clothing stores are hauling out their fall line of clothes, publishers are pushing their fall releases, and musicians are doing concerts to showcase their fall assortmant of CDs.

Gordon Lightfoot was pitching his wares in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, Kenneth Cope on Wednesday, and on Friday night at Cottonwood High, Deseret Book's Shadow Mountain CD people were presenting the latest from its stable of popular LDS artists.This year, the fall line-up features the Jets, Brett Raymond and Felicia Sorensen.

The Jets were the headline act. The Polynesian pop group has a new album out, and this time it's the Junior Jets who are driving the show. (There's a second generation Osmonds; why not a second generation Jets?)

Anchored by Moana from the glory days, the new Jets - with Moana's baby sister singing lead - offered "You've Got It All (Over Him)," the theme from "Titanic" and "We Are Family," along with a couple of new tunes the band hopes will find a place on the charts.

There are 17 Jets now. Most were in town for a family reunion. And most of them were on stage. The group used Salt Lake City as a runway to stardom many years ago. They make up a classic bee-bop group looking to re-invent itself for the next century.

Their closing number - Sam Cardon's arrangement of "I Stand All Amazed" - will probably be the song most in the crowd will take home with them, however.

Brett Raymond has a new CD called "A Case of Pop."

As a popular song writer, Raymond has the gritty vocal style of a rocker but the soft touch of tunesmiths like John Sebastian. And his new pop songs are much like - well - a case of pop: flavorful, colorful, though at times a bit fizzy.

He's still at his best when he trades on Christian and LDS themes. He's carved a niche for himself in that line that is his alone.

And Felicia Sorensen continues to charm with her inspirational vocals.

She'd make a great mainstream Christian singer - if only the Christian mainstream would let singers like Sorensen join their exclusive club.

One hopes patience and professional work will one pay off for the Mormon pop stars looking to go national.