In response to Mr. Calvin Rampton's suggestion in a letter to the editor that a Democratic representative is needed in Washington to advance Utah's interests, I say take a good look at the Escalante National Monument. If having one Democrat would make such a difference, why was Rep. Bill Orton unable to do anything to protect the interests of southern Utah from a publicity stunt aimed at guaranteeing votes from environmentalists?

If Mr. Rampton's view and suggestion are correct, then why was a decision made behind closed doors that adversely effected the 3rd Congressional District, which at the time was represented by a Democrat? In Utah's case, with only five representatives, unity is more important than diversity.I suggest the most effective way for Utah to protect and promote its interests is to have a unified voice in the Senate and House. Obviously, our representatives will have differences on how to develop political philosophy into legislation, but they are able to do much more for the state of Utah as a delegation with a common philosophy than they could if their philosophies were at odds.

Utah is at a time where it can ill afford another Escalante, especially in the 2nd District. Make sure the vote you cast is for the benefit of the entire state, and not just a novelty vote for diversity.

Jonathan Harmer