Police Friday arrested four more people in the deaths of three young brothers in a firebombing attack in Northern Ireland. Three other suspects remained in custody.

In her first public interview, aired early Friday, the boys' mother said she feels guilty about the deaths."I wish I hadn't stayed there," said Chrissie Quinn, 29, referring to the town of Ballymoney, where she lived with her four children and her boyfriend before their home was firebombed Sunday.

Authorities say they believe the Quinn home - located in a staunchly Protestant housing complex - was targeted because Quinn is Catholic and her boyfriend a Protestant.

News reports said the latest arrests were made in Ballymoney, 40 miles northwest of Belfast, but police refused to confirm that or provide other details about the arrests.

In the interview with GMTV television, Quinn noted the family had fled to England after being harassed for being Catholic, but they returned because the boys wanted to be with their friends. She said she believed they would be safe, since she was raising them as Protestants.

She said she had no intention of leaving Northern Ireland now, and nodded when asked if that was to be near the grave site of the three boys.

Quinn described the brothers - Richard, 11, Mark, 10, and Jason, 9 - as mischievous boys.

"Richard was a devil, but he had a big heart," she said. "Jason was a good wean (wee one), Mark was a good wean. They were just boys. They were into everything, but everybody liked them."

She recalled that her last memory of her sons was the sound of their shouts when she awoke to find the family home ablaze.

"I woke up to smoke. The kids were in their bedroom. I heard them," she said. "I shall always remember that."

Her surviving son, 12-year-old Lee, was sleeping at the home of Quinn's mother the night of the attack.

Asked if she believed her sons' deaths would change anything in Northern Ireland, Quinn said in an almost inaudible voice: "No."

Tensions spilling over from a Protestant march blocked since July 5 near Portadown, 60 miles southwest of Ballymoney, were blamed for the firebombing.