The copy of Parade I found in last Sunday's paper was a piece of slur, below the standard of your paper. You gave us the face of Jay Leno, as if this clown has any understanding or authority to air his personal views as facts. It is not clear to me how much knowledge you have on the contents of this sheet or whether you know what it it will say ahead of time.

The president of the LDS Church gave such a beautiful example of open mindedness toward the problems of our society and how to find a solution for them in his speech before the last graduation exercises of the University of Utah.The language used in Parade makes one wonder. "If he weren't a politician, his clothes would be all over Pennsylvania Avenue and his car would be on fire in the driveway. You know that movie `City of Angels,' where a guy gives up heaven for sex? That's Clinton."

A small army of lawyers at a cost of some $30 million of our tax dollars has been working on this case for many months now. They use a lot of loose talk like this clown does, but there is no verdict yet.

As president, Clinton has made the United States the leader of the free world. Europe would be more in shambles than it is now, and so would the Middle East and Israel without him.

There are so many places and so many people waiting for a chance to make trouble in the hope to gain wealth and power. In hindsight it is a big question if it was really the wisest thing to do when we chased Nixon out of office. And that is what this is all about.

M.J. Palache

Salt Lake City