Your own paint mixer:

If you often find yourself mixing small amounts of latex paint, consider using an old blender - or buying a cheap new one - specifically for the purpose. A blender will mix the paint thoroughly.- HGTV Home Improvement Tip

Bugs, be gone:

You can get rid of many pesky garden insects with this easy organic spray: In a blender, combine one onion skin, four cloves of garlic and two cups of water. Allow the mixture to sit overnight. The next day, strain it, add the mixture to a sprayer along with one-half gallon of water and terminate those pests.

- A Gardener's Diary

Tight tiles:

Here's a trick to help you ensure that vinyl floor tiles stick tight. When you're through laying the tiles, use a rolling pin to roll back and forth over each one, pressing the tiles evenly and helping the glue bond securely to the floor.

- Decorating With Style