I would like to issue an urgent plea to all Utahns who love this state and all that it contains. I urge them to think about the scenic beauty, the valuable natural resources and the ability to use all of these assets, and to let their voices be heard that they do not want this land set aside (or locked up) as wilderness.

A group of people, mostly not of this state, are very earnest in their quest to prevent us as citizens of not only this state but really the world from ever using or even seeing the sights that they claim that this country contains. They claim they are only interested in preserving it for future generations.I would like to ask the citizens of this state if they have ever been in most of the land that has been proposed for wilderness designation? I haven't. And neither have many others. The area is so vast and inhospitable that no one, even experienced hikers and backpackers, could ever see it all.How many people had ever seen Rainbow Bridge before Lake Powell was created?

I recommend that the powers that be survey this area proposed for wilderness and set aside those regions that are of spectacular beauty in federal scenic preserves of state and federal parks, building roads and trails that are paved so that everyone who wanted to view this beauty could.

But, alas, I'm afraid there is no compromise in these groups that want to lock it up in wilderness. I submit that the beauty is not the issue at all.

So, good citizens of this great state who care about the proper use and enjoyment of the land and resources that belong to everybody and not a few who have a selfish agenda, make your voices heard. Contact your political representatives and leaders of this state and let them know how you feel, that we, the owners of this land, want it put to good use for the benefit of all, now and in the future.

Gerald Sorensen