A 14-year-old Salt Lake boy summoned police after getting into a fight with his 18-year-old sister. But this was no ordinary case of sibling rivalry.

An argument between the two escalated into a boxing match with Dad standing ringside, giving instructions to Sis.The boy said his father had encouraged his sister to assault him, telling her to "beat him down" and to end it quickly by "hitting him in the head," a Salt Lake police report states.

The 14-year-old ended the fight by grabbing a pipe, threatening his father, and then taking a couple of whacks at dad's car. The boy left the Fairpark house and wasn't around when police showed up.

When confronted by police, the family patriarch told an officer that if they let the 14-year-old boy or his 17-year-old brother into the house, he'd "shoot both of them."

Police opted to arrest dad and the daughter who'd been pounding on her little brother.