Sweetwater Counter sheriff's deputy Tim Merchant points out to detective Mark Furman where 17-year-old Matthew Kendall hit the ground, upper left, after he was pushed by two teens. Kendall then slid along the sandy soil to his death at the bottom of a 150-foot cliff about three miles south of Green River, Wyo. The other two boys then shot themselves in a murder-suicide plot to avenge a failed love affair. Several stab wounds were on Kendall's neck. The bodies of Cody Bradley, 18, and David Taylor, 16, were found at a Green River residence Monday. Each died from a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, according to coroner Dale S. Majhanovic. A variety of poems and a two-page letter detailing a plot to kill Kendall were found at Bradley's home. The recovered letter, according to police, took the form of a will and was titled "My Last Sentiments." It detailed plans to kill Kendall by pushing him off a cliff and then commit suicide. Kendall, who may have been killed because he was engaged to Bradley's ex-girlfriend, was reported missing Monday by his mother. His truck was found in the vicinity where his body was discovered. Officials at Green River High School, attended by the teens, planned to offer counseling Thursday. A school official said the community found the deaths hard to accept.