I am writing this in regards to the misinformed commentary of Charles Morgan concern-ing SJR10, now known as Proposition 5. Contrary to Mr. Morgan's comments, many Utah politicians such as Congressmen Merrill Cook and Rep. Dave Jones have all voiced their opposition to Proposition 5. Mr. Morgan seems to believe that Proposition 5 would protect Utah from outside special interests. In actuality, Proposition 5 would make it much harder for citizens to have a voice in wildlife management.

Proposition 5 sets a dangerous precedent by assuming there are some issues the public is not intelligent enough to participate in. It is a shame that there are citizens such as Mr. Morgan who are willing to relinquish their rights. I for one will be casting my vote to protect my rights by voting no on Proposition 5 and hope that others will join me.Chaitna Sinha

Salt Lake City