In reference to your article on June 30 concerning the group who tap dance at the Golden Years Center in Bountiful. We would like to commend the group for turning down the music.

However, we do take exception to the statement made by Mrs. Conk "that the floors are more important to the center management than the health of the participants in her class." It is blatantly untrue to assume that the Golden Years Center is somehow vindictive enough to "come up with something else to keep them from practicing at the center." Mrs. Randall's remarks about other activities at the center indicate a limited knowledge of the daily operation of the center. Classes are being offered in china, painting, lapidary, line-dancing, yoga, tai chi, aerobics and sewing. On any day of the week you will also find many seniors busy playing bridge, pinochle and pool. All of these activities are equally as important to the health and welfare of seniors. Each group to their own taste.When the Davis Council on Aging reviews the budget for next year, I'm sure a portable floor for the stage will be considered. Meantime, the Golden Years Center will continue to strive to assure that all of its seniors have a place to visit, socialize and dine in friendly, pleasant sur-round-ings.

Lee Knight

Volunteer, Golden Years Center

Board member, Davis County Council on Aging