In response to a letter appearing on June 8, I would like to make some important corrections. Mr. Morgan stated that our fine elected officials voted unanimously in support of Proposition 5. In fact, it was not a unanimous decision at all. Also, it should be pointed out that a number of prominent Utahns from both political parties are opposed to this proposition, including Congressman Merrill Cook and Democratic candidate for Congress Lily Eskelsen.

If the people of Utah are intelligent enough to elect these "fine people" as Mr. Morgan points out, then how is it that we lack the intelligence to make decisions concerning our wildlife?This proposition would set a dangerous precedent in that it allows for one group to gain a monopoly of power and effectively shut out the voices of the people by making it more difficult to pass citizen initiatives involving the taking of wildlife. Pub-lic education could be next or perhaps prop-er-ty rights.

Let's not vote away our ability to affect government. Vote no to Proposition 5.

Travis Foley

Salt Lake City