Utah's long, hot fire season continues, with firefighters battling five burns in the western and southern sections of the state.

- A range fire in Tooele County was actually much larger than reported Tuesday, because fire officials accidentally dropped a digit in calculating the burned acreage. The real figure for the Tekoi fire, near the Skull Valley Indian Reservation, is 20,692 acres.The blaze was contained at 2 p.m. Tuesday, said Kathy Jo Pollock, spokeswoman for the Salt Lake Interagency Fire Center. "They do know it's human-caused," she said. For a time, winds were so brisk and the desert grasses so dry that flames shot up eight feet high.

- Nearby, a tumbleweed blew beneath a vehicle, where the hot catalytic converter set it on fire. "It blew off . . . and went through the grass and started little fires," Pollock said. Fire engines were fighting the Tekoi fire, and one of them extinguished the little fires.

- About 122 firefighters fought a fire three miles west of Enterprise, Washington County, that may have raced out of control when someone tried to burn weeds.

"They do have the fire 30 percent contained," Jody Daugherty of the Color Country South Zone Interagency Fire Dispatch, St. George, said Wednesday. Total containment was expected later in the day. Area burned so far: 1,815 acres.

- Two fire engines and a 20-person hand crew were busy Wednesday fighting a 77-acre blaze called the Nelson Ridge Fire 15 miles north of Gunnison, Sanpete County. Crews expect to contain it Wednesday, said Warren Sorenson, fire center manager for the Bureau of Land Management's Richfield District.

- Contained Tuesday night was the the Sagebrush Fire, which scorched two acres about five miles east of Aurora, Sevier County.