It doesn't make sense politically for Utah to have not a single Democrat in its congressional delegation. The substance and the course of legislation is profoundly affected by action taken in intraparty meetings - caucuses, councils or just informal ad hoc conferences. In these meetings among the Democrats, the interests of Utah are just not considered. It is not that the Democrats are attempting to punish the state of Utah; it is just that there is no advocate in a position to be heard. Therefore, the interests of the state are ignored.

Only two other states having three or more House members, Oklahoma and Kansas, have totally GOP delegations. The value of diversity is recognized in most places, if not here.There is a good chance that that situation could be rectified this November. The Washington Post of June 9 lists the 2nd Congressional District of Utah as one of the eight most vulnerable seats held by a Republican incumbent. In this contest Lily Eskelsen, a moderate Democrat with broad party support, opposes incumbent Republican Merrill Cook. A win for Es-kel-sen would give Utah the diversity it needs in the national capital.

Calvin L. Rampton

Salt Lake City