I would like to publicly say a big "thank you" to Rep. James Hansen and his staff. My husband became disabled in April 1997. The disability determination services denied his claim although we had five doctors saying that it was not realistic for my husband to return to work. We had to file an appeal with the DDS people and then my husband's account was sent to Denver to be reviewed. By this time, my husband had not been working for eight months. We had to ask others for help and help from the church, and it seemed the DDS people were not in any big hurry to get the case looked at.

My husband then had the chance to enter into a program referred by his rhematologist at the university pain clinic. The DDS people were going to deny my husband's claim again. The doctors and therapist there see the patient every day from 9-5 for four weeks. It was at this point I contacted Rep. Hansen's office and asked for some help. I thought maybe if he got involved, the DDS people would at least hold off until he had been through his four-week program and a proper evaluation was given.Well, Rep. Hansen and his staff did take the time to write to the DDS people on my husband's behalf, and lo and behold, it made a big difference. All of a sudden, we started hearing from the DDS office saying our claim was pending and the DDS people started making inquiries about his condition. His denial was appealed and turned over and now he is receiving disability benefits. We want Rep. Hansen and his staff to know how much we appreciate them all.

Brent and Jeany McClellan

West Bountiful