Joe Waldholtz, former husband of former Rep. Enid Greene, R-Utah, has been released to a halfway house from federal prison in Pennsylvania.

Officials confirmed he was transferred Monday to a halfway house in Boston after serving 21 months of his 37-month sentence for tax, bank and election fraud.Waldholtz's early release was based on good behavior during his incarceration at the minimum-security Allenwood Federal Prison Camp.

He lost more than 100 pounds in prison and did not stop at his father's Pittsburgh home after his release, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said. He said he had been trying to keep his release date a secret.

Waldholtz allegedly embezzled nearly $4 million from his former father-in-law and illegally funneled much of it into the 1994 congressional campaign of Enid Greene Wald-holtz - all the while claiming he was the beneficiary of a $400 million family trust.

The former executive director of the Utah Republican Party and ex-Pennsylvania GOP operative also allegedly pilfered at least $388,000 from the estate of his grandmother.

Waldholtz has to get a job when he gets to Boston. He said he has a few leads but would not elaborate.

"Private life begins now," he said.