South Korea

SEOUL - South Korea on Wednesday demanded an apology from North Korea for recent infiltrations of suspected spies and a promise that such incidents will not happen again.

SEOUL - With police poised to arrest their leaders, about 55,000 employees of five banks, South Korea's national telephone carrier and other state-run companies joined a nationwide strike to protest layoffs.


MADRID - Spain's biggest power company, Endesa, said on Wednesday it and three other companies would build Spain's first olive-fueled electricity generation plant.

MADRID - A Spanish judge ordered the provisional closure of a newspaper and its sister radio station, which are accused of having links to the Basque separatist group ETA.


LAGOS - Tens of thousands of commuters were stranded in Nigeria's commercial capital of Lagos as fuel tanker drivers went on strike to protest the deaths of colleagues and damage to tankers during last week's riots.


BEIJING - China's fight against smuggling is being hampered by the collusion of local governments, the military and the Communist Party, the ruling party mouthpiece said in a commentary carried by Xinhua news agency.


MEXICO CITY - A judge sentenced a former president's sister-in-law to two years in prison for encouraging her chauffeur to lie in court.


JAKARTA - A commuter jetliner was forced to make an emergency landing at Jakarta's main airport after reporting problems with its landing gear, witnesses said.


BOMBAY - Four Indian nuclear researchers said they were denied visas to enter Britain and the United States as retribution for recent Indian nuclear testing that was roundly condemned.


BANGKOK - A Taiwanese businessman held for 135 days - chained to a table and allowed only one meal a day - escaped when his gun-toting kidnapper dozed off during the World Cup final.


TBILISI - A Polish woman working as a U.N. military observer in Georgia was shot to death at the entrance of her apartment in the capital, officials said.

West Bank

RASHIDEH - Clashes broke out between Israeli soldiers and Bedouin Arabs when the Israelis confiscated the Bedouins' goat herd, which was grazing in an army firing zone. More than 30 Bedouins were injured.


BOGOTA - Three convicts were shot and killed by guards and another was wounded as they tried to escape during a riot at a prison in northeastern Colombia, authorities said.

El Salvador

SAN SALVADOR - A hitch delayed the release on parole of three former Salvadoran military men convicted of raping and murdering three American nuns in 1980, a court official said.


QUITO - Quito Mayor Jamil Mahuad was leading his tycoon rival in Ecuador's presidential polls by 7 percentage points with 75 percent of the votes officially counted.


CANBERRA - Australian Prime Minister John Howard ordered his coalition members into an all-out political attack on anti-immigration Member of Parliament Pauline Hanson.