Some 60 million Mexicans put their lives at risk each day by buying prepared food on the street, considered a leading source of 12 diseases that kill 60,000 people a year, a consumer group warned Monday.

On the bustling streets of Mexico City, people often grab a quick and inexpensive meal such as tacos, tamales or torta sandwiches from street vendors who set up outside office buildings.Basic hygiene is rarely observed.

The Mexican Association of Studies for the Defense of the Consumer, a private group, said in a report that eating at food stands can lead to at least 12 gastrointestinal ailments such as dysentery, cholera and hepatitis.

"It is estimated that at least 60,000 people die each year from such diseases," the group said.

Two-thirds of Mexico's 90 million people eat food purchased on the street each day, leading to 192 million illnesses a year, the report said.