MOSCOW - Parliament decided not to send a delegation to the burial of Russia's last czar, a controversial event that many of the country's top figures have chosen to avoid.


ATHENS - Two bombs exploded in court buildings in Athens' main judicial compound, causing damage but no injuries, police said.

ATHENS - A public prosecutor charged a Greek shipowner on Tuesday with attempting to murder a rival in the port of Piraeus in a shooting that shocked the country's prominent shipping community, court officials said.


SYDNEY - More than 100 people were arrested on Tuesday after the water supply to a planned $7.4 billion uranium mine in Australia's remote north was cut off by anti-uranium protesters, police said.

United Nations

UNITED NATIONS - The Security Council Monday called on the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda to investigate their own people in the deaths of Hutu refugees during the months before President Laurent Kabila's took power.


MEXICO CITY - A chimpanzee in a Mexican zoo attacked a 16-year-old janitor Monday, biting his ear, genitals and fingers so badly the teenager was listed in grave condition in a government hospital, media reported.

SAN JOSE DE CALIHUE - In France they eat horse meat. Koreans are fond of dog. So it is only natural that people in Mexico's impoverished northern deserts have their own favorite delicacy: rats.


LISBON, Portugal - Dozens of people have been reported killed and injured in recent fighting in the civil war between pro-government forces and rebels in the West African state of Guinea-Bissau, Portuguese television said on Tuesday.


SARAJEVO - International peace coordinators in Bosnia on Tuesday warned Sarajevo authorities that they risk losing international aid if they did not speed up the pace of refugees returning to the capital.

United Arab Emirates

RAS AL-KHAIMAH - A Ukrainian cargo plane crashed into the sea when its engine caught fire shortly after takeoff. All eight aboard were believed killed. Divers recovered body parts belonging to six of the crew members, the coast guard reported.


ANKARA - Turkish Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz warned on Tuesday that a row with his coalition partners over public workers' pay could spell the end of the government, aides told Reuters.


BUENOS AIRES - A blind Argentine man was given a driver's license after paying the authorities a $180 bribe, local media reported Tuesday.


TEHRAN - A European Union delegation is due to visit Tehran on Friday for the first talks since the EU lifted a ban on high-level contacts with Iran in January, a senior Iranian official said on Tuesday.


BRATISLAVA - Slovakia's normally fractious parliament, in a rare show of unity, voted on Tuesday to accept a government compromise proposal to avert a constitutional crisis after September's general elections.


KIEV - The Ukrainian government said on Tuesday it will delay closure of the Chernobyl nuclear power station if the Group of Seven rich nations fails to find cash to pay for two new reactors.