The fifth annual Worldfest ended Saturday with songs and dances from around the world.

The "celebration of diversity" was the culmination of a week's events in the Color Me Human: Raising the First Generation Free of Prejudice celebration sponsored by the Institute for the Healing of Racism.Liberty Park was alive with color as Junghee's Korean Dancers, the International Dance Theater, the Eastern Arts Janam Mid Eastern music group and others performed for the crowd.

Vendors also peddled their wares - traditional crafts, vegetarian foods and jewelry - to passersby.

According to organizers, Worldfest participants are selected on excellence in their diverse crafts even if they are not natives of the ethnic heritage they represent.

"Everyone can do everything and anything," said organizer Katherine St. John.

The festival usually draws a crowd of about 200, St. John said, but the group may try to increase that next year by increasing advertising.