Windows is by far the most popular hike in the park with more than 2,000 people a day walking along this easy path in the summer. However, you can still find solitude here with a little effort.

This one-mile or less loop trail puts three major arches - Turret, South Window and North Window in close range.According to Arches spokeswoman Diane Allen, early morning and late afternoon are probably the least crowded times to visit this section of the park.

"It's by far the busiest trail," she said. "It's the first real spectacular arches you come by . . . It's also a short trail and it's easy."

If you have trouble walking or hate hills, but want some stunning views that require just five to 10-minutes of effort, then the Windows trail is for you.

This trail was reconstructed this year, as park of the National Park Service's Fee Demonstration program. It was re-opened by the end of May. Hikers used a parallel, alternate path during the reconstruction.

Allen said the improved trail is a little safer, smoother and hikers always know where the path is now. In the past, the trail faded in places and hikers were damaging fragile soil by accidentally meandering.

The trail was last worked on about 10 years ago. It still maintains its very gradual elevation change. Among the park's trails of any length, only the Balanced Rock path at 0.3 miles is shorter.

The 2.5-mile paved side road to the Windows trail head is found just north of Balanced Rock, off the main internal park road. The side road passes Ham Rock, the Garden of Eden, the Cove of Caves, Parade of Elephants and Double Arch before becoming a one-way parking lot.

Allen said finding parking space here can be difficult in late morning, so arrive early.

She said it's only 0.3 of a mile walk to North Window itself. Side trails lead to South Window and Turret Arch. A looped trail leads to the backside of the arches, an often overlooked scenic gem, according to Allen.

Just southeast of the South Window are some great, panoramic views of the LaSal Mountains that are naturally framed by arches.