Ogden Police Detective Sgt. Mike Ashment said another man was shot, fled the home in a vehicle and eventually was taken to an area hospital.

Ashment said the man remained hospitalized Monday in serious condition.

Dectectives spent all night Saturday and the bulk of Sunday interviewing witnesses trying to piece together how the shooting played out, Ashment said.

Although no one else was injured in the shooting, Ashment was unwilling to say if the hospitalized man is the suspect in the Vasquez shooting death.

"We're still tying up some loose ends," Ashment said.

The shooting is the second time in the past 14 days Ogden has seen a man killed in a violent confrontation.

Weber County prosecutors have yet to file criminal charges related to the June 30 stabbing death of Marinos Tolios.

Police say Tolios was killed in a botched drug transaction that went sour after Marlon Flores pulled out a handgun.

Although Tolios was able to take the gun away from Flores, police say, Flores then attacked the other man with a knife, repeatedly stabbing him.

Flores was booked on a criminal homicide charge into the Weber County Jail, but formal charges are yet to be filed.