GAS PRICES HOLDING: An over-supply of crude oil has kept summer gasoline prices from rising despite the demands of summer travel, an oil industry analyst said Sunday. A survey of 10,000 stations nationwide Friday found the weighted average gasoline pump price for both self and full service dropped 0.21 cents from $1.1339 on June 26 to $1.1318, Trilby Lundberg said. `It has hardly changed because the crude oil oversupply has kept prices at very low levels, even though this time of year our consumption of gasoline is at its height," said Lundberg, publisher of the Lundberg Survey. Lundberg does not expect to see prices jump anytime soon.

STUDENTS RIOT: Penn State students and other young people hitting the streets as bars closed early Sunday erupted into a riotous frenzy, clashing with police, setting bonfires, vandalizing cars and smashing storefront windows with street light poles torn down by the mob. Fourteen police officers were hurt in the 21/2 hours of rioting by up to 1,500 people, authorities said, and more than 20 people were arrested. Three storefronts and 33 street lights were damaged. No looting was reported, although property damage was estimated at $50,000. "This is another example of the problem associated with alcohol abuse," State College Police Chief Tom King said after order was restored. "Without alcohol, this situation would never have occurred."