I'd like to back up the comments made by Bill Barnes on TRAX. The economists who spoke against TRAX said that a car is a depreciating asset if left in the garage. Perhaps so for folks rich enough to buy a brand new car every three years and who actually think in terms of depreciation. Lots of us non-blue bloods are buying used cars instead of new. Thanks to competition from overseas, most cars last a lot longer nowadays, and if you buy it used, most of the depreciation has already happened.

But the "experts" ignored another very important scenario by posing the situation as either driving your car or letting it depreciate.I currently ride UTA so that my wife can have the car to meet our growing family needs. I know a number of other riders who are in the same situation. Taking public transportation is economically much more attractive than buying a second car with payment, insurance, taxes and maintenance to think about.

Robert Ward