Your editorial titled "S.L. County war almost over" (Deseret News, June 26) was most insightful but unfortunately too optimistic. I concur that Doug Short bears most of the responsibility in Salt Lake County's legal war; however, the problem will be solved only when the voters of Salt Lake County defeat some Republicans at the polls this November. This is because, during the Republican primary, the Doug Short-endorsed candidates received the Republican nomination. Both commissioner candidate Mary Callaghan and district attorney candidate Mark Griffin won. More disturbing is the fact that Mark Shurtleff, a Doug Short protege who was recruited, supported and encouraged to run for Salt Lake County commissioner by Short, won the Republican primary.

To ensure that the Doug Short legal war ends in six months, the votes of Salt Lake County must reject, at the polls in November, the Doug Short Republicans.Joseph E. Hatch

Chairman, Salt Lake County Democratic Party

Salt Lake City