Six miners buried 330 feet underground for more than two days after an explosion in a coal shaft were found alive early Saturday, Hesse State radio said.

The broadcast said rescuers discovered the survivors in an air pocket. They were exhausted but otherwise appeared not be seriously injured, the report said.The radio also said there was hope that more survivors may be found.

Mine officials had given up hope of finding any of the 57 trapped minors alive on Thursday, a day after the disaster.

Rescue workers said earlier that there were high concentrations of deadly carbon monoxide in the mine.

The survivors were found about 60 hours after the explosion. Rescue workers also had found 36 bodies and brought 28 bodies to the surface.

The survivors may have been helped by fresh air pumped into the mine to aid the rescuers, the radio said.

The first of the six survivors was brought to the surface early Saturday morning, the radio said.

Wednesday's blast at the Stolzenbach mine in the town of Borken, 72 miles northeast of Frankfurt, trapped the miners 330 feet below the surface. The methane gas explosion rocked the ground like an earthquake.

On Friday, before the survivors were found, grieving family members gathered at a makeshift morgue to say farewell to the victims of West Germany's worst mining disaster in 26 years. Turkish immigrants were among the dead.

Also Friday, Heinz-Werner Meyer, the head of the union representing 350,000 West German miners and energy workers, called for "an improvement of safety underground."