Among the things Arcides Saligan promised his fiancee Brisceida Tules was to make her happy.

"Whenever you need something, I want you to ask me honestly. As my wife, you can trust me as I trust you," Saligan was videotaped saying to Tules Friday night. "I promise to make you happy all the time."It is a promise he will never keep.

Saligan, 21, was shot and killed hours later in the parking lot of a Maverik store at 20 S. Main, about 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Police are now looking for four men, including a 17-year-old with numerous weapon violations, who are considered armed and dangerous.

"We don't know why he was killed," said Saligan's brother, Jose Luis Saligan, who held his mortally wounded brother in his arms after the shooting. "What hurts me is that they killed a responsible person. He never fought with anybody and never drank."

Arcides Saligan and Tules, 17, had planned to get married Friday afternoon, but the Mexican consul decided not to perform the wedding at the last minute because Tules is underage, Tules said. She turns 18 on July 31.

The couple, however, decided to have the wedding party anyway because all the preparations had been made. The couple exchanged personal vows Friday and planned to marry formally on Tules' birthday.

Late into the party, Arcides Saligan drove his brother and two friends to get some beer at the convenience store three blocks away, Jose Luis Saligan said. However, it was too late to purchase alcohol and the foursome began to pull out of the parking lot when a red car pulled up behind them.

The four men got out of their car and a verbal confrontation ensued between them and two men in the red car. During the dispute, gunshots were fired from a truck at the end of the parking lot. The truck was parked in a dark spot and they could not see who was in it, Jose Luis Saligan said.

The third and fourth shots struck Arcides Saligan in the back and exited through his chest. His brother cradled him in his arms as he bled and died.

Both the truck and the red car fled the scene. Paramedics arrived minutes later and pronounced the victim dead.

"He died very quickly," Jose Luis Saligan said.

Midvale Police Capt. Dan Pierson said the men in the red car had also tried to purchase beer before the confrontation. Police are looking for four men, ages 17, 18, 19 and 24.

"All four individuals have extensive gang history and affiliation. There is no indication that the victim has any gang affiliation at all," Pierson said.

Midvale police have notified law enforcement agencies statewide in an attempt to locate the 1992 Toyota 2-wheel drive pickup owned by one of the men. The truck is red with a white stripe and has damage to the passenger-side door and headlight area. The license plate is 492 ZFW.

"(The 17-year-old) is a prime example of (the) kind of juvenile that is extremely dangerous - part of the 2 to 3 percent of very dangerous juveniles that should be locked away that aren't and are all committing dangerous crimes. We know it's inevitable that he'll be involved in something like this and there's not a d--- thing we can to do keep him off the street."

Jose Luis Saligan said he and some siblings are planning to transport the body back to his parents in Cuajinicuilapa, Mexico, about an hour away from Acapulco, as soon as they can raise the more than $6,000 necessary.

Tules, a native of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and two months pregnant with Arcides Saligan's baby, said she will remember him as a loving individual and plans to name his child after him.

"People like him are few," she said.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call the Midvale police at 265-4056.