Colors and styles are limited, options are nonexistent and the resale value is nil. But there isn't a lemon anywhere on the lot, gas mileage is off the scale and they'll never leak oil on the driveway.

Faced with a dwindling supply of cars because of the strike against General Motors, and a sales force with not enough to do, Reeder Chevrolet turned to something it could at least get plenty of - new 1998 watermelons."Right now, our special is a lovely two-tone jade green exterior," said sales manager Travis Shields. "Seeds are standard with this model. We can't offer rebates or long-term financing on these extra-clean melons, but we do guarantee there'll be no lemons."

They have a sticker price of $2.99 - sales people get a commission of 50 cents each - and they're rolling out of the showroom: 77 were sold on Friday. Many of the staff showed up for work Friday wearing overalls and straw hats.

"Everyone's happy when you're selling something," dealership owner Paul Siler said. "We need to keep morale up, and so we'll have a little fun with the whole situation. Who knows? Maybe our salespeople can make a little lunch money."