NAPLES - Police arrested one of Italy's top fugitives Saturday, a crime clan boss known for fathering two children with his wife while supposedly on the run.

ROME - The Rev. Bernhard Haering, a scholar whose opinions did not always find favor with the Roman Catholic Church, has died at age 85.


MANAMA - An American sailor, David L. Webb, 39, of Dixon, Ill., has died in a traffic accident here, the U.S. Navy said Saturday.


KAMPALA - An aircraft carrying U.S. ambassador Nancy Powell veered off a northern Ugandan airstrip just before takeoff, but no one was hurt, the state-owned New Vision newspaper reported on Saturday.


PARAMARIBO - Suriname's former military ruler Desi Bouterse has arrived home after a holiday in Trinidad, where the Netherlands failed to win his extradition, a presidential spokesman said Saturday.


ADDIS ABABA - Ethiopia said on Saturday it had detained a further 1,000 Eritreans who would be deported for subversion against their host country.


TEHRAN - A bear in a zoo in southern Iran pulled a 4-year-old girl into its cage and killed her, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported Saturday.


TOKYO - "Godzilla" returned home Saturday and tens of thousands of Japanese crowded into theaters to see the legendary lizard.


BEIJING - Chinese television viewers got a rare glimpse Saturday of this nation's normally secretive judicial system at work in the first live broadcast of court proceedings ever to be aired on national television.

United Kingdom

LONDON - Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed had found true love, "the kind you can look for all your life and never find," her stepmother was quoted as saying in The Mirror newspaper Saturday.


TUNIS - Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat traveled Saturday to Libya to visit ailing Col. Moammar Gadhafi, traveling by land via Tunisia because of the U.N. air embargo on Libya, according to Palestinian sources.


PAMPLONA, Spain (AP) - Bulls and daredevil spectators barreled through the narrow streets of Pamplona in their annual run Saturday, leaving four people injured, including an American.


AMMAN - Queen Noor of Jordan pledged her support to a worldwide campaign against land mines on Saturday nearly a year after Princess Diana's death robbed land-mine activists of their first glamorous royal patron.


BOGOTA - Police said Saturday they seized seven metric tons of cocaine in what was believed to be the biggest drug bust ever in Colombia's Caribbean port of Cartagena.


QUITO - Voters hoping for an end to Ecuador's political chaos and rampant corruption will decide between the Harvard-trained mayor of Quito and a populist banana tycoon in Sunday's presidential run-off.


CARACAS - Leading presidential candidate Hugo Chavez said Saturday that if he is elected he will declare a moratorium on payments of Venezuela's foreign debt because of plummeting oil prices.