Former "Baywatch" babe Pamela Anderson Lee will be starring in her own syndicated series this fall - "V.I.P.," in which she plays the improbable figurehead at a Beverly Hills security agency.

And, we're assured, she and her team will take on the really bad guys - "stalkers, kidnappers, the paparazzi."Which is rather ironic, the way her turbulent life with soon-to-be-ex-husband Tommy Lee has been played out in the tabloids over the past couple of years.

"A lot has happened to me with the paparazzi and so we've got a lot of great stories," Anderson Lee said. "That'll definitely be utilized in the show.

"I'll get 'em back. I'll kick their (butts) somewhere."

The actress insists, however, that she isn't bitter about any of the stories of her tumultuous marriage, the sex tapes of her and Tommy Lee that have been distributed or the fact that she had to have him arrested for wife-beating.

"Well, everything that's happened has led me to where I am right now," Anderson Lee said. "And I always see that everything is a blessing, even if it's a blessing in disguise sometimes."

And consistent reports that she was going to drop out of "V.I.P." because of her personal problems were unfounded.

"I don't regret anything that's happened in my life . . . It's all positive," Anderson Lee said. "I really learned a lot. My husband has definitely learned a lot.

"And it's all going to be good in the future. I really believe in fate. I believe that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be in every moment of the day. And so this is just where I'm supposed to be."

Oddly enough, she actually seemed sincere. And she really isn't a good enough actress to fake it.

(For those of you who haven't kept up with the rumor mill, Anderson Lee is indeed going ahead with her plans to divorce her rock-star husband, but she's keeping her current last name. "I'm keeping Pamela Anderson Lee because my children's last name is Lee and I really want to keep the same last name as my kids," she said.)

POOR CHOICE OF WORDS: "V.I.P." creator/executive producer, waxing eloquent about the many fine qualities of the extremely buxom Pamela Anderson Lee, didn't exactly think before he spoke at one point.

"Even on `Baywatch,' " he said, "I think you did more than what the role was with it. There was something springing out."

He only realized his mistake when the room erupted in laughter.

A MARLON BRANDO MOMENT: Mark Dacascos, who's starring in the forthcoming syndicated action series "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven," hasn't always had such, ahem, high-profile roles.

As a matter of fact, he played Lo-Mei the leopard man in the most recent remake of "The Island of Dr. Moreau." And Decascos recalled sitting with fellow actor Ron Perlman (who played a goat man) one day during the shooting of the film.

"We're sitting on stage and Marlon Brando was in back of us," Decascos said. "Everybody's quiet and the cameras are being set up and, all of a sudden, Marlon Brando starts talking about the black plague of England. We look up there for 15 minutes and he goes on this tangent. And then he finishes and walks over and starts petting dogs. That was probably one of the strangest incidents."

BIG DIFFERENCE: Daytime talk-show host Maury Povich assured critics that the topics on his show are not exactly the same as the topics on the show hosted by one of his competitors, Sally Jessy Raphael.

"I don't do big-breasted women well. Sally does," Povich said.

SO THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED: Michael Burger, who's hosting the upcoming revival of "The Match Game," said he learned something while watching tapes of the shows made a quarter of a century ago.

"I discovered that in the '70s, they used to have an open bar when they'd do the show," he said. "And they'd shoot five shows (in one day) and take a break between each show. They'd go backstage and get a little refreshment.

"If you watch the show carefully, by Thursday they're getting a little sideways. By Friday, they've got Charles Nelson Reilly strapped to the chair. These people are knocking it back."