The Deseret News (July 1) featured a front-page article indicating bankers and economists view the prospects for Salt Lake City light rail success as being roughly equivalent to a Southern Baptist's forecast of Mormon prospects in the afterlife (i.e., slim and none).

Let's see, the citizens of Salt Lake voted against light rail; Don Gale, TV editorialist from KSL spoke against it; and your newspaper's Forum section was filled with letters lamenting the foolishness of the project.Nevertheless, Deedee (How Many Blank Checks Do I Have Left?) Corradini and political pork-lovers proceeded to shove the program down the throats of protesting constituents.

Not only did they shove the initial project down their constituents' throats, they actually spent millions on studies to expand the unproven project. The initial project was foolish but to spend additional millions without first observing the failure (success was never an option) of the initial project is asinine.

The question that arises is, Where has the editorial staff of the Deseret News been? You were a little slow on the draw on this one. And why now? Are you so taken with title, i.e., bankers and economists, Sierra Club, etc., that common sense is not the basis of any policy?

If Deedee is re-elected, the voters deserve what they get.

Tanner Hall