Before Julie Young passed "Go" and collected $200, she cast a ballot for a new Monopoly game piece.

The nationwide campaign to elect an addition to the 60-year-old board game's stable of playing pieces kicked off Wednesday at Manhattan's FAO Schwarz toy store.The tokens being considered: a money bag (the signature of greed and temptation), a piggy bank (the icon of the thrifty) or a 1930s biplane (the sign of an adventurer).

"As you look at Monopoly . . . you see that it's about real estate, trading and making money" and those three tokens tie back to that, said Glenn Kilbride, a vice president at Hasbro, the parent company of game creator Parker Bros.

It's the first time since 1942 that Monopoly has added a token to the classic edition of the game. The winning piece will be announced in February, then added to the game.

Already, people young and old were choosing sides.

Julie Young, a 13-year-old from Lancaster, Pa., successfully lobbied her 10-year-old sister and 11-year-old cousin to vote for the money bag.

"The money bag is what it's all about, right? You want to win money, lots of money," she said. "Besides,I didn't like the way the airplane looks."

But a group of boys from Brooklyn, who came to the store on a summer camp field trip, promised to campaign hard for the biplane.

"We can win, huh?" said 8-year-old Jimmy Wong, soliciting boisterous "yeahs" from his friends.

"It's cool looking. It has more stuff on it," Jimmy said.

As part of the campaign, voters will also get to choose their favorite original token. There are 10: the top hat, car, shoe, iron, battleship, thimble, cannon, dog, wheelbarrow, and horse with rider.

Parker Bros. retired three other tokens - purse, lantern and rocking horse - in 1942.

Ballots will be accepted at FAO Schwarz stores across the country until Sept. 30. Votes can also be cast on the Internet at ( or by calling toll-free 1-888-81-TOKEN.