Two weeks have passed since prison parolee Frederick Laird allegedly lured his 11-year-old cousin into his compact car and fled to the dusty southern Utah desert.

And police don't have any idea where he is."No sightings. Nothing," said Orem Lt. Bob Conner when asked about any developments in the search for Laird, who is on the lam after the five-day abduction ordeal.

"We wish we had (leads to go on,)" Conner said. "I wish we did so we can get him off the streets."

Conner said there have been few solid tips on a hotline established by Orem investigators in the search. No one seems to know where Laird went after he dropped Chelsea Lund off near a southern Utah gas station at 2 a.m. last Tuesday.

Nevada, Arizona and Utah law enforcement agencies have been briefed about the case and given a description of the gray Nissan Sentra Laird was driving. Police say he has changed his license plates and is wearing a ball cap to disguise himself.

Lund, tired and emotionally frail from the five-day ordeal, was escorted home by police last Tuesday to the cheers of nearly 100 friends and neighbors gathered in her driveway.

For no apparent reason, Laird, who was recently released from a Colorado prison, drove Lund from the street in front of her red-brick Orem house to secluded hideout spots in the Garfield County wilderness.

Investigators, who have been carefully combing Lund's memory for a motive and other information, believe she was not sexually molested.

Some lapses in Lund's memory have investigators concerned, and sessions with therapists were scheduled immediately upon her return.

Laird, whom Lund said was drinking heavily and binging on junk food, slapped her and threatened her with a knife before he released her in Washington County, Conner said.

Conner has called the offices of "America's Most Wanted," a reality-based television program that stages re-enactments of unsolved crimes and asks viewers to phone in tips. Last week, Conner sent producers a detailed description and current photographs for the show.

The segment is scheduled to run Saturday at 8 p.m. on KSTU-Channel 13.

The show's founder and host, John Walsh, favors giving national exposure to alleged kidnappers since the abduction of his son, Adam, made national headlines in the early 1980s.

"They hold a special spot for kidnapping cases," Conner said.

Investigators hope the extended exposure - even after Lund was found and returned home - will turn up clues about Laird's whereabouts. Conner said Laird has a shaved head and is tanned with a number of tattoos on his body, especially on the lower arms, and a dove on his left shoulder.

Police ask Utahns to call 229-7321 with any information about Laird's whereabouts.