A plan to immortalize Barry Goldwater at the airport didn't fly with everyone.

Bowing to public pressure, Phoenix Mayor Skip Rimsza said Thursday that he was dropping his plan to have the airport renamed for the late Republican senator. Goldwater, a five-term senator and 1964 presidential candidate, died May 29. He was 89.Rimsza called Goldwater "my hero" and said the community should find "a suitable way to honor this most honorable man."

The mayor's idea was to rename Sky Harbor International Airport Goldwater Sky Harbor International Airport, a plan the City Council approved June 16. A week later, Rimsza ordered the final decision postponed after hundreds of call-ers objected to the change.

Some critics said the City Council vote came too soon, without opportunity for public input. Others said Goldwater had enough things named after him, including a Phoenix high school, a Scottsdale street, a conservative think tank, an Air Force gunnery range in southwestern Arizona and a terminal at Sky Harbor.