We got press passes to the grand opening of the Hard Rock Cafe. How cool do we feel? That'll be something for us to talk about at our five-year reunions. And it feels really, really good to walk into an exclusive party 15 minutes before everyone else.

We also got to schmooze with the likes of TV wannabe anchors, sportscasters and other lowly print media reporters like our good buddy Bill Frost. (At City Weekly.)We saw the mayor and the governor, although one attendee, a local musician, failed to recognize our city's leader. He saw Deedee and her companion on the back patio with a security dude. The musician looked at Deeds and said "Who is that? The governor?" The man replied, "No, she's the mayor, and I'm her date." OK. So it wasn't necessarily "star-studded." (More on local musician attached at the end of this column).

But we will give the food an enthusiastic two thumbs up!! Sushi, caviar, French bread and hamburgers! How many of you can say you were able to eat caviar for free in a $6 million renovation with rock star trinkets all over the walls?

We don't want to sound elitist or exclusive or anything, but, well, we are.

Now we will discuss the most exciting part of our evening. (As if our brush with high society wasn't enough.) We were able to chat with Sister Hazel, the evening's headliner. Ooh, funky!

J: I thought all week about the perfect question to ask these boys from Gainesville, Fla. This is what I came up with: "On a scale from 1 to 10, how important is it for you guys to open a Hard Rock Cafe?" I know it's profound, but lead singer Ken Block replied "It's a 10. No. It's even better. It's an 11 to be involved with this rock 'n' roll institution." Then he said he has a master's degree, and I was like "Whoa. That's really cool."

L: I hadn't planned anything at all. So, when I went up to say "Hello" to our Lady Dee(dra) of the Iron Shoulder Pads, all I could do was ask "How do you feel about getting this in Utah?" "Great." She replied, "It makes Salt Lake look like it's coming into its own." And, as the brilliant P.R. person I am, I replied, "This, the Olympics and Hooters." She just smiled, nodded and walked away.

Oh, yeah, the band, Sister Hazel. Absolutely fab. Wish you were here. Something to write home about. And the Hard Rock Cafe's not bad either.

- Wondering about that local kid: His band, The Given, won North by Northwest. Were we shocked? No. In fact, in our Jan. 16 review, we wrote "We think these boys make up one of the most talented bands we've heard. The Given's strongest quality is the absolute listenability of its music." See guys, we know what we're talking about.