Prince William last month had his first meeting with Camilla Parker Bowles, the woman whom Princess Diana blamed for the failure of her marriage, a newspaper reported.

The Sun reported that the June 12 meeting happened by chance when the young prince came home to St. James's Palace unexpectedly to change clothes before going out to see friends.The meeting - with 16-year-old William, Parker Bowles and Prince Charles present - was said to be amicable, mainly consisting of small talk and lasting about half an hour, the Sun said.

Parker Bowles is believed to have been Prince Charles' mistress for at least the past 20 years. While Princess Diana was alive, Charles reportedly made great efforts to keep the boys away from Parker Bowles.

A spokeswoman for Prince Charles, speaking on customary condition of anonymity, confirmed to the paper that the meeting had taken place. But she added that any meetings between William and his younger brother, Prince Harry, and their father's longtime partner were "a private family matter."

The Sun, renowned for its royal contacts, said William has met with Parker Bowles twice since the initial contact - once for tea and once for lunch - and 13-year-old Prince Harry also will meet Parker Bowles soon, if he desires.