BEIJING - Floods caused by torrential rains have killed 170 people, destroyed tens of thousands of homes and wiped out acres of crops in southwest China, media said.


CAVALESE - A U.S. delegation pledged to help restore tourism in the alpine region where a U.S. Marine jet sliced a cable car line at a ski resort last winter, sending 20 people plunging to their deaths.


CAIRO - Violating a U.N. air embargo, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak flew to Libya to meet with Moammar Gadhafi.


NEW DELHI - A bridegroom was so drunk just minutes before his wedding that his wife-to-be called in the police and then promptly married someone else, an Indian newspaper reported.


TEGUCIGALPA - Six men escaped from a Honduran prison by driving out the main gate in a hijacked beverage delivery truck. A seventh prisoner was killed, and a guard was seriously beaten.


TOKYO - A Turkish Airlines flight bound for Tokyo hit severe turbulence four hours after taking off from Istanbul, slightly injuring six Japanese passengers, airport officials said.


MOSCOW - President Boris Yeltsin said Russia would not devalue the ruble, despite a crisis draining its reserves, and markets drew comfort from progress toward an international rescue loan.


HELSINKI - Four fur-clad Finns caged themselves to draw attention to the sweaty life of animals on fur farms during the summer.


ROME - Prime Minister Romano Prodi said a meeting with leaders of the parties making up his ruling majority had been "very constructive."


ISTANBUL - At least five people were killed and 87 injured in an explosion at a tourist site in the center of Istanbul, police said. Istanbul's chief of police said the blast, at the Egyptian Bazaar on the banks of the Golden Horn waterway, could have been caused by a bomb.


BEIRUT - Authorities have charged 77 people with spying for Israel and accused them of providing the Jewish state with intelligence on the Lebanese and Syrian military, a security source said.


ATHENS - A brush fire broke out in Athens' ancient Agora at the foot of the Acropolis, briefly threatening 2,500-year-old monuments before being brought under control.


NICOSIA - The government would support moves to create a no-fly zone over the divided island and would view it as a first step toward demilitarization, its spokesman said.


MEXICO CITY - The government made a proposal for the Zapatista rebels to return to negotiations, promising to begin a series of actions to relax tensions in Chiapas state once talks resume.


ALGIERS - A bomb ripped through a crowded market in a poor district of Algiers, killing seven people and wounding 24, security forces said.


TAIPEI - The government agreed to a visit by a senior negotiator from China in a fresh bid to prepare for resumption of high-level dialogue between the two rivals.