A house exploded early Wednesday in a new subdivision, killing a woman and injuring her husband and two children.

The cause of the blast remained under investigation, but neighbor Scott Moffett said he smelled gas in the area shortly after midnight.He called the gas company and was standing in front of his own home a few doors away when the house blew up.

"It blew the front door across the street," Moffett said.

Moffett said a burned man staggered away from the blazing wreckage, yelling for someone to help his children, a 12-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy, who also had escaped.

Neighbors heard a woman screaming.

"She was trapped under the roof. There was no way out for her," Moffett said.

The family had moved into the house only about a week earlier, Moffett said.