Par 3

Yardage 190/Blues



Handicap 7/Mens


Layout: Straight-away over the creek through two groups of tall trees. The sloping green is Hobble Creek's largest - 43 yards from front to back.

Short and sweet:

Looks simple enough, but year after year, this hole has the highest stroke average in the Art City Amateur. Little room for error here. Miss your tee shot and you're likely looking at a double- or triple-bogey.

Professionally speaking:

"The smart shot is to the middle of the green, playing for par. There is plenty of trouble around the green, and this is not a hole to get cute with. Three is a great score. Look for your birdies on the other holes at Hobble Creek."

- Craig Norman, assistant golf pro, Hobble Creek.


Off the tee: From the blue tees you'll hit anywhere from a 3 iron to an 8 iron, depending on wind and pin placement. From the whites you'll likely hit a middle iron to short iron. When the pin is on the back left side of the green, probably the most difficult shot at Hobble Creek to put close. Hit your shot solid and the creek really doesn't come into play. However, the tall trees on the left and right do. Pull, push, hook or slice your tee shot and you'll be hitting your third shot from the tee box side of the creek - and if you know the rules, you'll probably have to hit a lob shot over the trees.

Around the green: Miss the green and all the other trouble and you'll be chipping from deep rough. Hope it's an uphill chip.

On the green: Lots of long putts here. From above the hole or pin high, you'll be lagging. Good luck two putting, even short putts on this very fast green have lots of break.

- Jim Rayburn